Your community gardening project runs sessions for you every Tuesday and Saturday 10 – 11:30 am

The aim of the project is to help you learn more about seasonal gardening, composting, wild life and many more. The project  provides a space for you to participate in growing your own fruit and vegetables, learn about recycling, composting… There are also creative sessions run from the garden and Tesco Community Room. 

We will encourage you to check news regularly on our Facebook Page Shelthorpe Community Association . We aim to post news and updates there. Sometimes we take part in other events and the session might be at a different location. 

Community Garden is a great place for kids to learn about whether the food is coming from, for grown ups to have some physical exercises and get the feel good feeling afterwards. Activities at the garden include: watering, weeding, learning about, socialising, sharing … 

Please mind we do not have running water at the garden, so do bring your water bottle of a flask with a drink. 

If you have any questions the best way to communicate with the project is via the Facebook messaging or commenting on the posts. Please never leave your personal information in the comments though. 

The Community Garden Project’s gate is next to Howe Road 15.